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 Hart AED & CPR has been in business for over 14yrs. We are a husband and wife team both working in the Saskatoon Health Region. 

Helena Hart

 Heart & Stroke CPR AED Instructor.
 Heart & Stroke First Aid Instructor Trainer.
 Red Cross First Aid Instructor.
 Special Care Aide working in    
 the CCU RUH.
 First Responder

Brett Hart

 Advanced Care Paramedic MD   
 Ambulance since 1999,  
 employed with MD since 1992.
Heart & Stroke ACLS Instructor
 Heart & Stroke PALS Instructor
 Heart & Stroke ILS Instructor

 Heart & Stroke CPR AED Instructor.
 Heart & Stroke BLS Instructor Trainer.
 Heart & Stroke First Aid Instructor Trainer.

 Red Cross First Aid Instructor.
 Sask Polytechnic Instructor, Paramedic Program.
 First responder
Carmel Childs

Trained in England as RN specialized in Critical Care
First adult then Pediatric Heart Surgery Units. 
Came to Canada in 2000. 
Cardiac Research 8 years.  
Presently in CCU 10 years, CCU Clinical Coordinator last 2 years. Member of RUH Code Team.
BLS and ACLS Instructor. 
Clinical Research Coordinator
Daniel Weselowski

Live in Saskatoon,
I love being active and being outside.
Started EMS career In Northern Saskatchewan in 2010.
I am an Advanced Care Paramedic with MD Ambulance since 2015.
Presently a Heart and Stroke AED/CPR & First Aid Instructor


Kenton Klassen

Lives in Saskatoon,
Has a wife and a growing family. Enjoys traveling the world, but appreciates Canadian living including hockey.
Started his EMS career In Saskatoon in 2012 as a Primary 
Care Paramedic with MD Ambulance.
Currently a Heart and Stroke AED/CPR & First Aid instructor.


Denielle Golding

Advanced Care Paramedic with MD Ambulance. Started EMS career in 2006. Heart and Stroke CPR AED & First Aid Instructor. Red Cross First Aid/CPR Instructor. Volunteer First Responder Instructor.

Jessica Wagner


I have worked for various non-profit organizations in Saskatoon including YMCA, EGADZ and Metis Addiction Council of Saskatchewan before beginning my nursing career in 2013.  I obtained my Practical Nursing diploma and am currently finishing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  Presently I am also a First Responder and Heart and Stroke First Aid and BLS Instructor.


Fleurette Gallais

Bio coming soon.