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"You have Hired some great Instructors, well done"

"Brett and Helena are great instructors, they made me feel very comfortable with the course content"

" The delivery of the course is very well presented in such a way that the participants are being trained to do what will happen in real life situations and the information given in a limited period of time was adequately covered and discussed"

"I learnt what everyone should know. I was never interested in this, but feel very different about it now."

"This course was far more exciting then previous training I've had. I'm not sure if it's because it was a course for HCP or because the instructors are HCP's themselves but the real life examples were excellent. I appreciated that the material discussed wasn't sugar coated."

"Your course is definitely the best CPR-FA course I've ever taken. Both Brett and Helena are extremely experienced, and their stories keep things interesting and fresh. I would recommend their course above any other I've ever taken."

"Thanks for an awesome course!

"Really great instructors! Very friendly and had a lot of experience in the health care field. Made the course interesting. I would definitely suggest anyone who needs to take first aid to take it with the Harts! Great weekend!

"Brett and helena were great trainers. They made learning cpr fun and informative and gave hints on how to remember the training when it came time to use it. 
les, first responder/firefighter, town of osler. 

"Well done great trainers"

"very educational course"

"Loved all the hands on, and the real life scenarios" 

"Great First Aid Course, it wasn't like any I have been to"